Dr. Michael Uschold presenting at the Seattle/Bellevue Graphs meetup

Triple Stores, Semantics, Ontologies – Oh My

Last night I trekked down to the Whitepages office in downtown Seattle to hear Michael Uschold speak about triplestores, graph databases, and related topics. This was a meetup organized by the Seattle/Bellevue Graphs Meetup.

It’s not something I know a whole lot about but I’m interested in language semantics and have a general kind of idea that graph databases are good (great?) at allowing you to extract sometimes messy relationships from a diverse set of more-or-less connected data.

The good: Mike is a really knowledgeable guy, a working practitioner on the hardest commercial problems in the field, and seems super approachable.

Whitepages, as a venue, is pretty sweet as well. Food and drink were provided during the 30-minute networking prelude.

The bad: the lecture got hijacked (well, maybe “hijacked” is too strong a word) but several people who felt compelled to add their $0.02, but except for a couple cases, didn’t add a lot to the information presented by Mike. There was one guy who knew a lot about Neo4j, which was the counterexample that Mike used vs. RDF triplestores, but other than that I felt a little cheated. At least half of Mike’s presentation had to be cut at the end because we ran out of time.

Would I go again? Probably – I met another attendee who indicated that these meetups are generally pretty tech-heavy, and there’s an interesting one on new developments with Neo4j coming up next month.

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